The zodiac signs are called the twelve equal parts on which the astrologer is based. Every zodiac sign belongs to a constellation coming on the ecliptic of the sun and they both have the same name – such as Gemini and Gemini constellations. These are the twelve zodiac signs –

1 Aries zodiac 3 Gemini zodiac 4 Cancer zodiac 5 Leo zodiac 7 Libra zodiac 8 Vedic zodiac 9 Sagittarius zodiac 10 Capricorn 11 Aquarius zodiac 12 Pisces

These twelve star groups are important according to astrology. If the earth, the center of the sun and the floor of the earth’s orbit are spread all around in the universe, it will form a kind of box in the universe. If we divide this box into 12 equal parts, we will see that in these 12 parts some star group comes. Our earth and planets revolve around the sun or say it in such a way that the sun and all the planets pass through these 12 star clusters relative to the earth. This does not happen to any other star group, so it has become 12 important. Our ancestors gave some shape to this star group and they were called zodiac signs.

Through astrology, an attempt is made to observe the minute details of life. The Monthly Rashifal, assesses the main events that occur in an entire month. The basis of the horoscope is the result of the events of the coming month by placing that amount in the ascendant house (the zodiac in which the moon is located in the horoscope). In ancient times, names were kept according to the alphabet of birth, so people used to know their horoscope even after keeping the name in the first letter. That is why it was said that if the name starts with this letter, then the coming month will be like this. Even without considering the time of birth, when the planets in the horoscope are to remove the main events of the month in the life of many people, without putting a condition, then keep the lunar sign in the center and place the other planets in the horoscope. goes. For example, if a person is born in the Aries zodiac, then after the Moon is placed in the Aries zodiac in the ascendant of the horoscope, the other planets are positioned in the same way, in the sense. In the current 2010, Saturn is transiting in Virgo, then the position of Moon in the horoscope will be in the 6th house in Virgo. Guru is transiting in Pisces in the first month of December, due to this, Guru will be situated in the tenth house of Aries. Similarly, all other planets are also established.

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